Asset balances as of 31 December 2023

The RADAR token, pivotal to DappRadar DAO's governance and utility, was minted on December 14, 2021, across four designated token pools, as outlined in the DappRadar whitepaper. By the end of 2023, RADAR tokens constituted 97.9% of the DAO's holdings.

2022 saw the launch of RADAR on BNB Chain, followed by its introduction to the Polygon blockchain in November 2023, enhancing accessibility for our diverse community. The DAO also undertook significant role within the Ronin network in April 2023 as governing validator, diversifying its asset holdings across 4 blockchains:

RADAR is the driving engine of the DAO, and its usage is carefully planned and executed in line with the high level objectives and strategy of the DAO. We assess emissions and adapt the schedules for each pool to be in line with the expected intake capacity of the market and with the product roadmap. By having this approach, we ensure that the supply in circulation is in line with the RADAR utilities, therefore driving the development of the DAO in an organic way.

As of 31 December 2023, the distribution of RADAR tokens within the DAO's reserves is detailed as follows, highlighting both the allocation in DAO wallets and the utilization of RADAR tokens (in millions).

The strategic deployment of the Airdrop pool has predominantly supported liquidity and staking incentives, with approximately 35% of the earmarked tokens being distributed in the initial airdrops during 2021 and early 2022. Consistent with the directive of DAO decision DCP-2, the remaining RADAR balance in this pool is earmarked for community rewards, underscoring a commitment to enriching stakeholder engagement.

The Team and Shareholders pool, with over 30% already vested, has seen a minimal claim rate of about 0.3%. This reflects a profound dedication and confidence in RADAR's potential to bring substantial value to the community in the future.

Reflecting DappRadar's long-standing belief in a multi-chain ecosystem, our strategic focus has been on ensuring RADAR's cross-chain availability, a vision we've held since the early days when the blockchain landscape was much less diverse. This commitment is underscored by our efforts to enhance RADAR's presence beyond the Ethereum network, aiming to establish its utility across major chains like the BNB Chain and Polygon, as detailed by the allocation split of RADAR tokens among these networks as of the end of 2023.

This approach not only aligns with our foundational belief in the importance of multi-chain accessibility but also seeks to empower users across different networks to leverage the full spectrum of RADAR's utilities.

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