Transactions since Token Generation Event (TGE)

Since its inception, nearly 97% of the DAO's transactional fiat value was conducted in RADAR, with the remainder consisting of various tokens/coins including RON from the Ronin network, an initial 27 ETH loan from DappRadar, and other liquidity pool contributions.

Inflow comments

  • Initial Funding and Operations: A 27 ETH loan was provided by DappRadar in December 2021 to kickstart RADAR generation and establish DAO legal structures. This loan, bearing an interest rate of 10.30%, is included in a formal Loan Agreement.

  • Node Validator Role and Earnings: Since April 2023, the DAO's role as a Ronin blockchain node validator has generated 166,769 RON in fees and rewards, supporting operational costs and strategic initiatives such as the RADAR buy-back program.

  • Affiliate Marketing Revenue: In December 2023, the DAO began earning revenue through affiliate marketing, leveraging referral partnerships on the DappRadar website.

  • Quest Inflows and Outflows: Net quest inflows represent the value of tokens allocated for DappRadar Quest winners yet to be distributed.

Additionally, in the future, the broadening of our technical integrations across various blockchains will serve as a key revenue source for the DAO. This initiative, aimed at scaling data quality and discovery capabilities, is expected to drive increased revenues through enhanced API usage, traffic growth, referral links, and advertising opportunities. There's a clear vision that these expanding revenue streams will gradually transition to the DAO, underscoring our commitment to decentralization and the principle of reinvesting ecosystem-generated value back into the community.

Outflow comments

The DAO's utilization of funds reflects a commitment to ecosystem expansion, community engagement, and strategic treasury management:

  • Airdrop Reallocation: A significant portion of the airdrop pool was redirected towards liquidity and staking rewards following community consensus, with only about 35% of the planned amount initially distributed.

  • Liquidity and Staking Rewards: Allocations for liquidity rewards evolved through collaborations with platforms like SushiSwap and ApeSwap, alongside the introduction of Staking 2.0 to enhance RADAR holder benefits.

  • Market Making and Treasury Diversification: Transitioning from Wintermute to GSR for market-making activities, accompanied by strategic RADAR loans to support treasury diversification.

  • Operational and Development Expenses: Including one-off development costs, marketing initiatives, and the Ambassador program, underscoring the DAO's investment in growth and community building.

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