Collaborative legal framework

The symbiotic relationship between the DappRadar DAO and its onshore centralized counterpart is pivotal for our ecosystem, allowing for a seamless operational and legal collaboration while maintaining independence. This partnership is facilitated through specific agreements, including a Loan Agreement, Access Agreement, and Development Service Agreement, each designed to mirror transactions between fully independent parties, ensuring market price fairness and regulatory compliance.

  • Loan Agreement: Now finalized, this agreement includes previous DAO expenses covered by UAB DappRadar and allows the DAO to borrow funds under fair, market-based conditions.

  • Access Agreement and Development Service Agreement: These are nearing completion, focusing on operational support and seamless integration of DAO utilities within the DappRadar platform, based on a fair and transparent pricing model.

In crafting these agreements, we've collaborated with iVC Consulting (iValueChain Consulting) to navigate the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring our practices align with international standards and promote transparency and fairness within the DAO ecosystem. Furthermore, iVC Consulting has focused on the transfer pricing and cross-border arrangements. The overarching objective was to establish relationships akin to fully independent parties transacting at arm's length, i.e. market prices.

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