Engaging in DappRadar governance: A step-by-step guide

To actively participate and influence the governance system within the DappRadar ecosystem, holding RADAR tokens is essential. This ownership grants you the privilege to engage more deeply with the platform and play an important role in shaping its future through voting on key developments. The governance process is as follows:

  1. Idea Generation: Community discussions take place on our public channels, where ideas can gather momentum.

  2. Proposal Formation: Promising ideas are then structured into proposals within our dedicated workshops.

  3. Community Voting: Proposals that are ready for consideration are presented to the community for a vote, requiring a minimum of 20 votes to proceed. A majority is needed for a proposal to pass.

  4. Snapshot Submission: A community member with at least 100,000 RADAR tokens must submit the proposal on Snapshot for a broader community vote. Voting is gas-free, with the weight of one's vote proportional to their RADAR token holdings. A minimum participation of 10 million RADAR tokens is necessary for a proposal's approval.

  5. Development and Management Oversight: Accepted proposals that do not require on-chain transactions proceed to development. For those requiring treasury access, a 72-hour veto period is provided to DappRadar's management. Approval by management initiates fund allocation and development, while rejection sends the proposal back for refinement.

These steps, established at the Token Generation Event (TGE), were crafted with the initial conditions and aspirations of our ecosystem in mind. However, recognizing the dynamic nature of token circulation and market price fluctuations, it's understood that these parameters will be thoughtfully updated to reflect the current environment.

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