Proposed governance structure

Recognizing the importance of an effective and compliant governance framework, DappRadar DAO aims to adopt a model that balances transparency, efficiency, and regulatory adherence.

The proposed structure includes three main components:

  • DAO Assembly: The core of our governance, where RADAR token holders and delegates can propose and vote on initiatives, ensuring democratic participation.

  • Advisory Board: Initially comprising top RADAR holders and important community members who pass KYC, this body provides strategic, non-binding advice to the DAO, with plans to include industry leaders for broader insights in the future.

  • Incumbent Director: Responsible for finalizing decisions based on the Assembly's votes and the Advisory Board's advice, with the authority to establish committees for specific tasks, ensuring alignment with the Foundation's goals and legal requirements.

Proposed decision-making process:

  • Routine decisions: the process flows from the Assembly to the Director or relevant committees for implementation.

  • Significant decisions: the path includes an additional step where the Advisory Board provides its input before the Director or Committee takes over or brings the proposal back to the Assembly.

This governance model, designed to be adaptable and responsive to the community's needs, sets the stage for a more decentralized future, where broader community involvement in Advisory Board selection reflects a diverse array of perspectives, fostering a more inclusive and democratic governance process. It's important to note that this framework is still a proposal and, as such, remains open to modifications to best serve the community's interests.

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