👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Performance of community engagement channels

In the realm of Web3 and governance, community engagement is crucial. DappRadar DAO leverages various communication platforms to nurture a dynamic community. This section provides an overview of engagement across our channels. Currently, our focus is on 3 main platforms for DAO-related activities, with additional platforms planned for future deployment.

DAO Community channels:

X (formerly Twitter)

The DappRadar ecosystem has three accounts, with the DappRadar DAO account, launched in September 2023, serving as the primary channel for DAO communications.

  • Tripled X follower growth since launch, driven by effective awareness campaigns.

  • Increased engagement, even with fewer posts in December.

  • Sustained engagement due to quality content.

  • Positive year-end close in 2023, attributed to a successful strategy and RADARs 2nd birthday event.

Our Discord server is the community's central hub, offering a space for interaction, in-depth discussions, support, and direct team engagement. Community members engage in brainstorming, governance discussions, and contribute to our ecosystem's direction. While the server includes separate areas for DAO discussions and product-related topics, its overall focus is intertwined with the DAO and $RADAR. Let's take a closer look:

The forum serves as the primary platform for structured discussions on proposals, governance, and strategic decisions. It facilitates in-depth discussions, debates, and collaborative decision-making, promoting transparency and enabling everyone to contribute to the DAO's evolution.

These data points are important for assessing the progress of our community-building efforts. Through successful strategies, we can guide users into the DAO community. Leveraging the Ambassador Program to further enhance engagement and reach.

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