🔵RADAR tokenomics overview

Since the token generation event (TGE), RADAR's journey in the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape has been marked by strategic listings and partnerships, driving its accessibility and trading volume across various platforms. Initially, RADAR found its first trading ground on SushiSwap, quickly expanding its presence to ApeSwap with its launch on BNB Chain in 2022. A significant milestone was achieved in February 2023 when RADAR listed on OKX, leading to a surge in trading volumes. Further expanding its ecosystem, RADAR paired with MATIC on QuickSwap following its launch on Polygon in November 2023.

The price trajectory of RADAR, particularly its peak at an all-time high (ATH) of $0.050081 on December 23, 2021, coincided with a favorable Bitcoin market but was largely influenced by the circumstances surrounding its Token Generation Event (TGE) and the initial liquidity provision on SushiSwap. While RADAR experienced its all-time-low (ATL) of $0.004432 on 19 June 2022, during a market downturn.

The correlation between RADAR's trading volumes and its price movements has been evident, with an average daily trading volume of approximately $663,000 since TGE. This volume reflects a distinction between the activity in the previous bull market and the quieter period post-Q3 2022. However, towards the end of 2023, trading volumes began to recover, attributed to the introduction of Quests and the enhanced value of the PRO subscription.

The market capitalization of RADAR, based on the circulating supply, has remained relatively stable at the end of 2023 compared to 2022, despite a 30% increase in circulating supply throughout 2023. By the close of 2023, 10.6% of the total RADAR supply was circulating, aligning with DappRadar's strategic approach to gradually introduce tokens to the market. This strategy is focused on matching market absorption capabilities and enhancing community and tokenholder value through the provision of relevant utilities on the DappRadar platform.

DappRadar DAO has ensured liquidity across each blockchain where RADAR is present, as detailed below:

Furthermore, owning RADAR tokens extends beyond mere participation in governance; it unlocks a multitude of benefits through the PRO membership. The visual outlined below encapsulates the comprehensive suite of privileges and functionalities accessible to RADAR token holders as part of their enhanced engagement within the ecosystem.

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